October 2004 News

Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami AJK says Northern Areas part of Kashmir

18 October 2004
News Network International

Rawalpindi: Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Ijaz Afzal Khan has said that Northern Areas are part of Azad Kashmir and should be integrated administratively and constitutionally in Azad Kashmir.   He also hailed the statement of Speaker of the AJK Assembly, Sardar Siyab Khalid that Northern Areas are part of Azad Kashmir.   He said it was not the responsibility of the Northern Area Council, rather that of the Government of AJK to cancel the Karachi Accord and include the Northern Areas in Azad Kashmir.   By doing so, he said, the Indian propaganda of Kashmir, as an integral part of India, would become weak.   Ijaz Afzal said Northern Areas were given in the control of Pakistan according to an agreement at a time when the solution of Kashmir seemed near.   The people of Northern Areas had been deprived of their basic human rights for the last half century, he added.   He said it was the incompetence and ignorance of the leadership in power that Northern Areas are not annexed administratively with AJK government despite the verdict of High Court.   He stressed the need to cancel the Karachi Accord for the benefit of the people of Azad Kashmir as well as Northern Areas and called upon the AJK government to take courageous steps for the solidarity of Azad Kashmir.  


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