October 2004 News

Pakistan abandoned Kashmir stance under US dictate: Geelani

19 October 2004
The Daily Times

Srinagar: Pakistan has abandoned its standpoint on Kashmir under US dictates and Indian influence, said Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference.Pakistan had apparently succumbed to Indian pressure by not pressing India to give the right of plebiscite to the Kashmiris, Geelani told a private television channel through the telephone from Sringar on Tuesday.He said pressure was mounting on Pakistan as it was showing unilateral flexibility on the Kashmir conflict. He said that India was unwilling to give up its stubbornness for a solution to Kashmir.Geelani said, 'it seems Pakistan has accepted Indian theory that the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Kashmir stand invalid in current circumstances'. Geelani argued that if the UN resolutions on Kashmir were outdated, Kashmir's annexation to India at the time of partition by the Kashmiri maharaja was also invalid. He said that Pakistan should inform the international community especially the United States that it wants a just resolution of the dispute according to the wishes of the Kashmiris.'We, the Kashmiris, want Pakistan to stick to its previous stance and that it should continue its diplomatic, moral and political support to us in our struggle for freedom', he said. Geelani said that Indian allegations of cross border terrorism against Pakistan were ridiculous and the Kashmiri freedom movement could not be called terrorism. 'The international conventions empower the suppressed nations to resist foreign occupation and that's what the Kashmiris are doing at the moment', he said. Geelani said that the Indian army supported East Pakistan in its struggle for liberation, which ensured the creation of Bangladesh. He ridiculed Indian claims that Kashmir was its 'atoot ang' (integral part). He said that the Indian sub-continent was divided on the basis of the two-nation theory and since more than 97 percent of Kashmiris are Muslims, therefore, Jammu and Kashmir should be part of Pakistan, not India.Geelani said that India had annexed Hyderabad and Junagarh disregarding the wishes of the overwhelming Muslim population that wanted to be part of Pakistan. 'India has always followed double standards when it comes to the wishes of the Kashmiris', he said.Geelani emphasised that Pakistan should continue supporting the Kashmir freedom struggle, openly and fearlessly.


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