October 2004 News

Indo-Pak Joint Mgt Of J&K Best Option, Says IP

29 October 2004
The Indian Express

Jammu: Reacting to the proposals mooted by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to solve the Kashmir issue, the state unit of the International Party has said that Indo-Pak joint management over the undivided Jammu and Kashmir state with maximum possible autonomy to each ethno-regional identies under common heads is the best option. Stating this, Hoshiar Singh, general secretary of the International Party in a statement here today said that the option of independence and UN mandate would bound to create so many other problems and harm the national prestige of India and Pakistan. These options would also make sense of insecurity in some of the ethno-religious entities of the state. Elaborating the proposals of the Indo-Pak joint management Singh said that the joint management would handle only the defence ansd foreign affairs of the United Jammu and Kashmir state and in all other subjects, the state would be independent one without sovereignty. 'The autonomy to the ethno-geo regions can be given up to the assembly status without that of state under one Governor, one Election Commission, one High Court, one Human Rights Commission and one Environment Commission,' said Singh. He said the proposal would make India, Pakistan and the people of J&K as the partners in betterment of the state. 'Moreover, it would turn India and Pakistan from foes to friends and lead to permanent peace and prosperity in South Asia.


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