October 2004 News

Musharraf's Kashmir Proposal Part Of US Plan: Zardari

30 October 2004
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: Rejecting President Pervez Musharraf's new Kashmir formula, Asif Ali Zardari, the incarcerated husband of former Premier Benazir Bhutto, has claimed it is part of a US plan to 'entrench' its troops in the region in the garb of de-militarisation. Zardari, who is imprisoned for the past eight years on various corruption and criminal charges, told reporters during a court appearance in Karachi on Friday that it is a US plan to 'entrench its troops in the area.' 'Kashmir is of great strategic importance not only to Pakistan, but also for the entire region and Musharraf's offer to demilitarise and invite foreign troops in Kashmir in the garb of United Nations Peace Keeping Force was a well thought out American plan to entrench themselves physically in the area,' he was quoted by daily 'Dawn' as saying.


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