November 2004 News

'US forcing Kashmir solution on Pakistan'

3 November 2004
The Dawn
Our Staff Reporter

Lahore: MMA president Qazi Husain Ahmad has alleged that Washington is pressing Islamabad to accept a solution to the Kashmir problem that suits New Delhi. He said at an Iftar dinner here on Wednesday that was why Gen Musharraf always presented new proposals on the issue. He regretted that the army ruler was neglecting the core issue and was rather suggesting its division into seven parts. He said to make the people forget their origin the education system was being damaged by handing it over to the Aga Khan Foundation. The Qazi said the country could in no way strengthen its economy and defence without framing its policies on its own. 'Blind pursuit of the US policies will benefit Washington and not Islamabad.' He reminded that (former US state department official) Stephen Cohen had in his recent book said Pakistan was a friend in short term and a rival in long term and the US political and economic aid to it must be based on this fact. About George Bush's re-election, he said both Bush and Kerry had vowed to base their policies according to the US and Jewish interests and Muslims must not have pinned hopes on any of them. The MMA chief pledged to expose Gen Musharraf's 'anti- Pakistan' policies at rallies in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Lahore Jamaat-i-Islami amir Hafiz Salman Butt and UC-117 Nazim Zahoor Wattoo also spoke on the occasion.


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