November 2004 News

Musharraf's Kashmir Proposal Unclear: Natwar

19 November 2004
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: When asked to comment on Musharraf's statement that India was not showing flexibility but sending negative vibes, External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh refused to comment. 'Our position has been made clear by our Prime Minister in Kashmir,' was all that Singh said. During his two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir that ended on Thursday, Prime Minister Singh had asserted that India would not accept redrawing of borders or a 'second partition' of the country on the basis of religion.Musharraf reacted to the statement, saying Pakistan was 'not encouraged' by the vibes coming from India and accused New Delhi of not showing flexibility. On Musharraf's recent formulation on a solution to the Kashmir problem, Singh said, 'All that we know about the proposal is what President Pervez Musharraf said at an Iftar party. There is no formal communication from the Pakistani side about what he had in mind.' 'Their Prime Minister is arriving here on the 23rd (November 23). Let's see what he brings,' he said.


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