December 2004 News

No Encroachment In Kashmir: Pakistan

3 December 2004
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Pakistan has denied that it has either encroached on the frontier in the Samba area of Jammu and Kashmir or that India has reclaimed any land under Pakistani control. An official of India's Border Security Force (BSF) had said on Thursday that Pakistani troops had encroached upon a 40-metre section of the boundary but there was no tension between the border guards of the two countries. Deputy Inspector General of Police (Jammu sector) PK Mishra told reporters after a sector commander level meeting of the two countries that Pakistan had removed one pillar out of three and constructed a post illegally on the boundary. He also said the land had been reclaimed. Mishra termed the area as the international border, but The News daily on Friday said Pakistan maintained it was the working boundary. 'First there should be clarity that the area under discussion is the working boundary and in no way the international border,' Inter-Services Public Relations chief Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan told the newspaper. 'There is the working border, the line of control and the line of actual control. The Indians should be very clear about this. We have neither encroached nor has any reclaiming taken place. 'At times pillars do fall or get demolished. This is the reason for such meetings. I would say there is nothing to worry about,' Sultan added. According to Mishra, 40 border pillars were in dispute along the international boundary in the Jammu-Kahuta sector and a survey by revenue authorities on both sides would be conducted soon to arrive at a solution. 'The meetings will continue with the Indian side and the issues will be sorted out. This is the reason that we have these joint meetings,' Sultan said.


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