December 2004 News

JKLF calls for united Kashmir for 15 years

5 December 2004
The Dawn
Our Reporter

Islamabad: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Amanullah Khan has asked the Pakistani and Indian leadership to look into the Kashmir issue from the point of view of Kashmiris. The JKLF chairman said the Kashmir issue should neither be resolved on cultural and ethnic basis nor on socio-economic grounds. Mr Khan reiterated that the best equitable and practicable solution to the problem was reunification of the divided state and making it a fully independent country with a democratic, federal, and secular system of government. He said after 15 years, a referendum under UN auspices be held in which Kashmiris would determine whether they should perpetuate independence, become part of India or Pakistan, or find any other solution. If Kashmiris feel that they cannot live together, let them part amicably but the decision should be their's and not that of the governments of India and Pakistan, the JKLF chief said.


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