December 2004 News

US Can Help Find Kashmir Solution, But Won't: Envoy

10 December 2004
The Asian Age

Islamabad: The US can be helpful in advancing the Indo-Pak peace process, but it will not step in to mediate a solution to the 'enormously complicated' Kashmir issue, which should be resolved taking into account aspirations of the Kashmiris, its ambassador to Pakistan, Ryan C. Crocker, said. 'The US is encouraged to see the commencement of composite dialogue between Pakistan and India,' Mr Crocker, who took over the job a few weeks ago, told journalists in Lahore on Thursday. Describing the Indo-Pak relationship as an 'incredibly complex issue,' he said it was very encouraging to see the 'fast pace of progress in the peace talks and growing exchange of cricketers, journalists, parliamentarians and others between the two countries.' To a question on a possible solution to Kashmir issue, he said: 'This is not for us to take positions on the specifics.' 'I don't mean to understate problems between the two countries, especially the issue of Kashmir, which is a very, very complicated issue. President Pervez Musharraf has proposed a solution for the people of the two countries to discuss. Where will it go depends on how it is dealt with,' he was quoted in the media here as saying. About Gen. Musharraf's plans to continue in uniform and issues relating to restoration of democracy in Pakistan, Mr Crocket said: ' (US) President (George W.) Bush has made it clear that we see a lot of democratic developments in Pakistan.'


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