December 2004 News

Terrorism has harmed legitimate liberation moves, says scholar

23 December 2004
The Daily Times
Iqbal Khattak

Peshawar: A Muslim scholar said on Thursday that terrorism harmed the legitimacy of liberation movements in Indian Held Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya.'Some terrorists have weakened the Kashmiri liberation cause,' said Muhammad Farooq Khan, a scholar, at a seminar 'Phenomena of Terrorism Implications for Pakistan and the Muslim World' organised jointly by the international relations department of University of Peshawar, and Media Cell of Federally Administered Tribal Areas secretariat. He said targeting soft targets in Kashmir had changed the true cause into terrorism and the world now viewed the problem differently adding, 'The same is the case with Palestine and Chechnya'. Mr Khan denounced the people who carry out terrorist attacks under the garb of religion.'Exploding bombs in buses in Israel has changed the world's view about the Palestinian struggle for independence,' he said and added Bill Clinton, former US president, had presented a good road map but nothing was done.He said Pakistan and the Muslim world should not allow the United States to formulate the definition of terrorism and that the term must be defined soon.Dr Qibla Ayaz, faculty dean of Islamic and Oriental Studies in the University of Peshawar, said Islam does not warrant terrorism and demanded that jihad should be redefined. He said Islam was under attack for its alleged link to terrorism and suggested an inter-faith dialogue to promote peace movements.Dr Ross Masood, political and strategic analyst, said terrorists' abilities to acquire weapons of mass destruction should not be underestimated. He warned that terrorists could 'hack computers' and that cyber terrorism posed great risk and nothing had been done to prevent it. Syed Iftikhar Hussain, North West Frontier Province governor, said there were no 'permanent friends' in global politics and only 'national interest' was permanent.'We should have a broader understanding to examine the exact causes of terrorism,' the governor said.


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