February 2005 News

Kashmir Vital National Interest Of Pak: Mush

5 February 2005
The Times of India

Islamabad: Pakistan on Saturday observed 'Kashmir Solidarity Day', with President Pervez Musharraf saying Kashmir is its 'vital national interest' and a solution to the problem was acceptable only if it met the aspirations of Kashmiris. He also pledged to continue providing political, diplomatic and moral support support to the Kashmiris' cause. 'Kashmir is Pakistan's vital national interest and will not be compromised at any cost,' Musharraf said in a message read out at a special session of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK) Assembly at Muzafarabad to mark the occasion. 'Pakistan would only accept a solution of Kashmir issue which is in line with aspirations of Kashmiri people and acceptable to them,' he said, adding that Pakistan 'will continue to provide political, diplomatic and morale support to their cause.' 'Pakistan has made it clear to the Indian leadership and the world leaders that there cannot be a lasting peace in the region and the dialogue process will not move ahead if the Kashmir problem is not resolved,' Musharraf said. 'There could neither be durable peace in the region nor the confidence building measures move forward,' he said. 'Practical dialogue' between the two countries is not an easy one 'as everybody knows the circumstances under which the talks between the two got underway,' official APP newsagency quoted Musharraf as saying. 'Initiations of talks in such a scenario was a great success,' he said.


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