February 2005 News

Voters in border towns brave inclement weather

7 February 2005
The Hindu
Luv Puri

R.S. Pura: Over 80 per cent voter turnout was recorded in the border towns which went to the polls in the fourth phase of civic elections in Jammu and Kashmir.The turnout was high in all the border areas without exception. The percentage was 86 in RS Pura town which has an electorate of 9,639.Arnia town with an 3133 electorate recorded 85 per cent and Ramgarh 83 per cent. For the people the civic elections were important as they were exercising their franchise for the redress of immediate problems. There has not been much of a change here since the ceasefire.Hoshar Singh, an RS Pura town resident, says that 'for a number of years the legislators turned a blind eye to our problems as they expressed their helplessness due to Pak shelling.'


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