February 2005 News

Sectarian Violence In Gilgit: Govt Increases Security Around Faisal Saleh

21 February 2005
The Daily Times

Islamabad: The government has directed the home secretaries of the four provinces and the Islamabad chief commissioner to tighten security around Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, the minister for Northern Areas and Kashmir Affairs, after he received death threats from activists of defunct religious organisations. The Interior Ministry directed the authorities to trace obnoxious telephones calls and crack down on the alleged activists who were intending to target Hayat, sources told Daily Times. They said Hayat had told the Interior Ministry that he had received a number of obnoxious telephone calls from unidentified callers. They reportedly threatened him about the recent sectarian violence in Gilgit where Shia community religious leader Agha Ziauddin and other people of various sects died, sources added. Sources said that the ministry also directed to Punjab provincial police officer to increase security around Hayat's residence in his native area, Shah Jewna, in district Jhang. Sources said that Hayat, the general secretary of the Pakistan People's Party-Patriots, had earlier received death threats from various organisations including Al Qaeda when he was the interior minister. Eight police officials of the capital police already guard Hayat's official residence and escort him, they added.


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