March 2005 News

US Slams Rights' Violations In Occupied Kashmir

1 March 2005
The Nation

New York: The United States Monday accused Indian security forces of committing abuses with 'impunity' killing civilians in occupied Kashmir and India's north-eastern states and said that the Gujarat government 'failed' to arrest those responsible for anti-Muslim riots. The Human Rights Report of the State Department also voiced concerns over human trafficking saying it was a 'significant' problem in India and the estimate of the number of Indians trafficked into forced labour and sex trade runs into millions. 'In Jammu and Kashmir, torture victims or their relatives reportedly have difficulty filing complaints as local police allegedly were instructed not to open a case without permission from higher authorities,' said the report. The Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Act gives security personnel the authority to shoot suspected lawbreakers and those disturbing peace and to destroy structures suspected of harbouring militants or containing special weapons, it said.


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