March 2005 News

Army Resumes Counter-insurgency Ops In Kashmir

2 March 2005
The Times of India

Wuzur: After a halt in counter-insurgency operations in avalanche-hit parts of Kashmir valley to partake in rescue operations, Army has resumed its counter-insurgency drive. Brigadier T S Gill, the local formation commander of 2 Sector Rashtriya Rifles here, said there were 'zero' anti-terrorist operations for most of February as his troops were involved in rescue and relief operations in Anantnag district's Waltingu and Halsidhar, both of which bore the brunt of avalanches. 'We have started counter-insurgency operations four-five days back. Earlier, we did not have time for them and the inclement weather and heavy snow made operations extremely difficult,' he said. Asked whether militants had suffered casualties in the avalanches, the Brigadier said there were reports of about '4-10' terrorists getting buried. Two weapons had also been recovered. 'There are reports in the local Urdu press of militants getting buried by the avalanche and of weapons being found. The local police is investigating the matter,' Gill said. Gill said that due to unusually heavy snowfall this winter terrorists may have come down from their vantage points in the mountains. The Brigadier said the ratio of local to foreign terrorists in his approximately 2,500 and mostly mountaineous area stood at '70 to 30'.


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