March 2005 News

India Forced Kashmiris To Start Armed Struggle: Ijaz

4 March 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Peter bro: India forced Kashmiris to start an armed struggle against illegal occupation of Indian forces and people of Kashmir are only struggling to get self determination which is their birth right even reckoned in various resolutions of United Nations, said Ijaz Afzal, Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir. Addressing a reception hosted in his honour by Mayor of Peter Bro Raja Akhtar Hussain, he said under subcontinent's division formula Kashmiris too have the right to decide about their future but so far fifty-six years have passed and Kashmiris are still struggling for their birth right. Kashmir, he said is a nuclear flash point and both India and Pakistan will have to resolve it peacefully for global peace. International community should interfere for a peaceful solution of the core issue of contention between the two sides, he added. Tehrik Kashmir UK President Mohammad Ghalib speaking at the occasion said that no body would be allowed to set a clandestine deal on Kashmir issue. He noted that Kashmiris have the right to decide about their future and they must be included in the dialogue process so that a just solution of Kashmir issue is found. People of Kashmir are the major party to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and without their participation solution of the issue will not be possible, he held.


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