March 2005 News

3 Charged In Britain With Plotting To Fund Terrorism In Kashmir

5 March 2005
Associated Press

London: Three people were charged Saturday with conspiring to provide money to fund terrorism, British police said. The three - identified by police as Mohammed Ajmal Khan, 30; Palvinder Singh, 29; and Frzana Khan, 41 - were arrested Tuesday in Coventry, central England. They were scheduled to attend a hearing at London's Bow Street Magistrates' Court on Monday. All were charged with conspiring to provide money and other property for use in acts of terrorism, crimes said to have occurred between March 29, 2001, and March 1 of this year. Khan is also charged with directing a terrorist organization and belonging to a prohibited group, which police said was Lashkar E Tayyiba, or Army of the Righteous, an organization that fights in Kashmir against India. London's Metropolitan Police said the terrorism the three allegedly funded was not intended to occur in Britain or the United States. A police spokeswoman would not specify where any attacks they funded might have been planned for, but noted that the group Khan was linked to operates on the Indian subcontinent.


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