March 2005 News

Kashmiris To Continue Struggle For Accession To Pakistan: Ishaq

20 March 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Sahensa: Kashmiris will continue their struggle for their accession to Pakistan, said Sahibzada Ishaq Zafar, central president of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Jammu and Kashmir chapter. Addressing a memorial reference in Tarala village of Sahinsa, he said Kashmiris will continue their struggle from Indian clutches until the supreme cause is achieved. He pointed out that the flow of rivers of Kashmir is towards Pakistan and Kashmir's accession to Pakistan is necessary in wake of this scenario. He said that socio-economic condition of Pakistan will not improve until accession of Kashmir to Pakistan. He urged upon political circles of Azad Kashmir to set aside their differences for supreme cause and play a role for accession to Pakistan. He said Allah Almighty has provided all resources to Muslim countries but the present situation of Muslims is only because of their dissociation from Quran and Sunnah. Today, every where in the world Muslims are reckoned as terrorists, which is absolutely wrong, he added.


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