March 2005 News

JKLF Accuses Pakistan Of Hypocrisy

20 March 2005
The Indian Express

New Delhi: The JKLF has criticised Pakistan for its 'hypocritic' policies towards Kashmir and adoption of double standards by withholding permission to hold a conference on Kashmir in Pakistan-Occupied- Kashmir. 'On the one hand, Pakistan claims its support for Kashmiri people's rights and cries about the UN resolution which supports free movement of Kashmiris across the LOC, but on the other hand, it refuses to grant visas to those Kashmiris who want to visit Mirpur for the conference,' so-called diplomatic head of JKLF Shabir Choudhry said in a statement. The JKLF leader expressed anguish over the decision of Islamabad not to allow a conference in Mirpur recently on the pretext of 'communal riots' in the area which has a minor population of Shias and no history of any communal clashes.


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