March 2005 News

JKCHR Forms Assistance Committee To Trace Missing Kashmiris

30 March 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Geneva: Jammu and Kashmir for Human Rights (JKCHR) NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in association with Muslim Women's Aid (MWA) and Women for Peace and Education (WPE) has formed an 'Assistance Committee' in view to trace the missing Kashmiris.JKCHR, MWA and WPE representatives held a meeting at the JKCHR Office in London and decided to take up the issue of missing members of divided Kashmiri families with the respective two administrations of Kashmir at Muzaffarabad and Srinagar and the Governments of India and Pakistan. The three NGOs have apportioned a budget to pay for the travel and other associate costs of elderly, women and other such members who do not have enough means to meet costs involved in the travels. The three NGOs have mandated JKCHR Secretary General Dr Sayed Nazir Gilani to take the necessary measures and ensure that the travel facility announced remains fully humane and in conformity with the Kashmiris Right to freedom of travel. JKCHR Secretary General shall be taking up the issue of these people with the Representative of the UN secretary General Walter Kalin of Switzerland on the human rights of internally displaced persons. Meanwhile the meeting of the three NGOs observed that although the facility does not add up to a full right of travel yet it is an encouraging beginning in this direction. It was pointed out that the 'Assistance Committee' would monitor that the facility does not end up in corrupt practices and is not abused for political purposes.


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