April 2005 News

Britain Hopes Srinagar-Muzaf Farabad Service Will Not Be Disrupted

4 April 2005

New Delhi: Terming the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service a 'crucial step' in improving Indo-Pak people-to-people ties, Britain Monday expressed hope that outfits will not disrupt the movement of the vehicle. 'We are very much hopeful that the terrorists will not seek to disrupt the bus service. It will be a complete mistake,' British High commissioner to India Sir Michael Arthur told reporters in Bangalore on the sidelines of the Indo-UK workshop on stem cell research. 'We strongly support the steps that India and Pakistan governments have taken to open up their links between the people. Because people -to- people links are crucial for peace steps to progress,' he said. He said Britain particularly condemned terrorism, from wherever it comes. 'I can't think anything like that to win the hearts of people of Kashmir, than to attack a bus which is a peaceful mission between the people on the two sides of the border,' Arthur said.


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