April 2005 News

Wars Were To Protect Kashmiri's Rights: Kasuri

9 April 2005
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri has said that all the wars Pakistan fought with India were not for acquiring extra land, but for safeguarding the rights of the Kashmiris. According to The News, Kasuri in an interview to BBC Radio said that Pakistan's primary policy was safeguarding the rights of the Kashmiris. 'All these things were done keeping in view the feelings and aspirations of the people of Kashmir and their rights. Even now our policy is that there will be durable peace only when some solution is found out in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir which is acceptable to Pakistan and India,' Kasuri was quoted as saying. He said that the durability of the Indo-Pak peace process could not be guaranteed without the solution of the Kashmir dispute. 'It should not be forgotten that if we have to make this peace process between Pakistan and India durable, wisdom demands that the Kashmir issue will have to be resolved,' he added. He further said that Pakistan had not in any way changed its stance on Kashmir, and wanted the dispute to be solved according to the wishes of the Kashmiris, adding that the entire political and military establishment in Pakistan wanted a peaceful solution to all the contentious issues with India.


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