April 2005 News

Gilgit Law Enforcers Seize Arms Cache

10 April 2005
The Daily Times

Gilgit: Law enforcers have seized a total of 652 weapons, licensed and unlicensed, in Gilgit during a campaign to purge the area of illegal weapons, Northern Areas Home Department sources said on Saturday. The Northern Areas Administration launched the anti-arm drive on April 2, with the Pakistan Army, Punjab Rangers, Northern Areas Scouts and the area's police on their back and have so far seized 652 weapons, 404 of which being licensed and the rest unlicensed. The law enforcers have brought cases against 44 people, including a member of the Northern Areas Legislative Council. Nadeem Manzoor, the Northern Areas chief secretary, has served notices to public sector employees, calling them back to their offices otherwise they would face legal action. Government officials in the area are scared of attending their offices because of large-scale mob assaults on state-owned buildings, causing a bedlam in the area. The assassination of a Shia leader on January 8 set off a bloody wave of violence in the area, which claimed 30 lives, including a top police officer, Sakhiullah Tareen.


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