April 2005 News

Musharraf For Agreement On 'status Of Kashmir'

15 April 2005
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: On the eve of his visit, President Pervez Musharraf on Thursday said India and Pakistan must agree on the 'status of Kashmir' in which the two countries and Kashmiris have a role and suggested involvement of legal experts for the purpose. Musharraf, who is expected to discuss Kashmir and other issues during his talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said 'sky is the limit' for improvement of relations between the two countries and there could be 'further improvement in all aspects.' 'A status for Kashmir must be agreed upon... In which Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris, all have a role,' he told Star News adding 'legal experts could be brought in' to determine it. Observing that India was a larger country, the Pakistani leader said 'thus magnanimity must be shown by it'. 'When a smaller nation shows magnanimity, it is seen as a sign of backtracking or buckling under pressure. However, for a larger nation's magnanimity, it is seen as large heartedness.' he said. Noting that the situation today was completely different than the one that existed four years ago at Agra, he said 'old enmities and mutual suspicions are coming down between the two nations with people-to-people contacts and increasing confidence building measures (CBMs).' The Pakistan President said he had a 'high view' of the Prime Minister, who 'speaks with sincerity and shows no hypocrisy. He is a straight talker, which I appreciate.'


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