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Kashmir To Be Fractured?

16 April 2005
The Nation
Brig (Retd) M. Shafi Khan

Lahore: When Mr Clinton said, 'Kashmir is the most dangerous flash point of the world,' the people all over the world realised the critical importance of the dispute. Kashmir dispute is the product of coordinated conspiracies between the British Raj and Hindu India. Hindu leaders wanted the British to leave India and the settlement to Indians, so that Hindu majority (3:1) could easily bury the Muslims minority. The political will of the Muslims of India prevailed. When the partition became a reality, Hindus decided to destroy the prospects of survival of Pakistan. The military operation in Kashmir was planned and conducted by the British officers then in the service of the Hindus' India. When India presented her case to UN in 1948, its claim of accession of Kashmir to India was found untenable. Kashmiris were promised the right of self-determination through a plebiscite held under the UN. It was accepted by India for compliance on words of honour. This position remained sacrosanct. By capturing Kashmir (October 1947), India had placed itself in a position to control waters of the rivers flowing from Kashmir to Pakistan. India's next step was to choke the water of three Eastern Rivers Sutlej, Beas and Ravi, which passed through Lahore. Through the mediation of the World Bank, India secured permanent rights over the Eastern Rivers against international law, which does riot permit the change of the course of water or its flow in favour of one of the users. To provide alternative source waters to Pakistan Indus Waters Treaty sponsored by the World Bank provided for the replacement works based on the Western river Indus, Jhelum and Chenab. Pakistan was given exclusive rights, over the Western rivers. India's range did not subside, even after 57 years, India has offered $44 billion to Afghanistan to build dams on River Kabul which supports Pakistan Warsak Project in NWFP. India violating the IWT constructed dams and powerhouses in Kashmir, which has restricted the volume arid flow of waters, which sustain Pakistan's economy. The complaint was referred to the World Bank, which responded by conveying that it was not the guarantor of IWT. The seeds of conspiracies showed clearly. The war of waters is going on. The wars between India and Pakistan will go on, on all fronts till and if, India makes herself a deciding power in the Subcontinent. It is obvious that Kashmir is a created tragedy. What President Clinton had said earlier on seems to have been defused through coordinated conspiracies at international level. Kashmir is no more a dangerous flash point; it waits to be fractured! After, the illegal occupation of Kashmir, India is freely practising genocide through 'regularised state-terrorism' with the tacit connivance of the powers. India always rejected intervention mediation by a third party. What seems to have gained ground now is the American interest projected by Kashmir Study Group whose report ('The Way Ahead' September 1999) proves the US initiative or guidance if not the influence in the dispute. The study had covered various categories of population in Kashmir: races, religious groups, languages, ethnic groups etc. The report had suggested the partition of Kashmir on basis of the territories held by India and Pakistan with adjustments to facilitate the peaceful settlement. As revealed by Dr Virsing, the Editor, had defined Siachen as 'a futile war', so it should be demilitarised. India had occupied it in 1984 by violating the Simla Accord of 1972. India was too proud to have captured the ice-packed heights above 20000 ft. Despite huge cost in lives and resources India could not let go this trophy for fear: of loss of prestige. Now as India has become the 'Natural Ally' of America and an important member of 'Strategic Triangle'. Using her position in the global game India, is employing America to impose her demands on Pakistan: LoC termed as a border, Pakistan made responsible for prevention of infiltration into IHK and support to the freedom movement, preserving the sanctity of LoC etc. The Kashmir Study Group actually served as the pathfinder to serve American policies and strategic aims in this region. The revised plan by Farooq Kathwari is aimed at destroying the identity of Kashmir. The recommendations make a bunch of oddities, impracticable and contradictory ideas to seal the fate of Kashmir. The new concept is damaging for Pakistan, India and' Kashmiris. It will turn this area into a hotbed of intrigues. The revised Plan envisages 'Five Entities': a. Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas two 'entities 'now under Pakistan. b. Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh three 'entities' now under India. An 'All Kashmir body' will be set up to coordinate the areas of broader interests, regional trade, tourism, environments and water resources. Citizenship of 'entities' would entitle citizens to acquire Indian or Pakistani passport or use 'entity passport' subject to endorsement by India or Pakistan. The LoC will remain till India and Pakistan declare to alter it. Both the countries will demilitarise the areas included in the 'entities'. All displaced persons would have the right to return to their homestead. The borders of the 'entities' with India and Pakistan would remain open for people, goods, and services. India and Pakistan would be jointly responsible for the defence of the 'entities' which will have the police forces of their own. The financier (actually a front man) has been moved to announce the revised plan. The concept deflates the issue from the dangerous flash point of the world to a trifle matter. Could any political scientist or a prudent man ever think of giving national flags and legislatures to five 'entities' placed for defence under two warring nations, which have a history of very active hostilities and wars for 57 years? The concept brings to fore the 'created tragedy' where the illegal occupant, as per UN records, has been rewarded with victory despite the fraud staged by India before the UN, UN itself has been made totally ineffective and impotent to perform its role. The revised concept presents a fragmented Kashmir turned into a honeycomb where the insects criss-cross here and there. Soon after the announcement of the 'revised plan' by Farooq Kathwari in USA, there was a sympathetic response from Mir Waiz Farooq of Kashmir. Forgetting that Kashmiris were entitled to have a status of their own, he envisages Kashmir to have a semi-autonomous status under joint command of India and Pakistan, I pity the people of India, Kashmir and Pakistan who have suffered for 57 years for a 'block' in Nehru's mind (Raj Gapal Acharya). It is a very nefarious move: Pakistan becoming a junior partner of India in Kashmir? It will provide India the most needed opportunity to erode and reduce Pakistan's personality and sovereignty. Mir Waiz Omar Farooq was introduced to the world by Mr Wisner the US Ambassador in India. The latest move (revised plan) shows the germs of the Chankiyia's philosophy: 'When you want to kill your enemy, befriend him. When you are killing him, embrace him. And when you have killed him, weep over his dead body'. Nehru kept Chankiya's book under his pillow. The undercurrents, media, social, political and cultural avalanche launched by India in the recent past is being followed by strong itch for peace-displayed more anxiously by Pakistan than India which maintains its policy and the aims. I give them credit for not being hypocrites. We will be nuts hoping to be accepted as friends of India. We have to keep the past in mind. In search of peace we have been too generous to show goodwill only to hear from India that whole of Kashmir was her Atoot Ang, the AK and NAs also are the matter of concern of India and LoC will be the boundary, which cannot be changed. We must convince ourselves that India is determined to take pound of flesh. Following points cannot be shelved. ' 'Pakistan cannot get what India cannot give' - Kashmir being part of India under 1964 Act, the Indian Constitution cannot the amended. What is our solution of Kashmir? Let us hear that if Kashmir was the core issue. ' Why Altaf Hussein went to Delhi to tell the world that the partition on basis of Two-Nation Theory was a fraud. ' Ch Shujaat also proceeded on Dehli Yatra (28 March, 2005) before the President visits India on 16 April, 2005. Delhi seems to have become a beacon point. ' Why our Foreign Minister is too anxious to vacate Siachen 'tomorrow' when India had violated Simla Accord (1972) and Captured Siachen in 1984. Why Pakistan should vacate its own area? We know, US thought that war in that area was 'futile'! ' America has made India's job easier by actively helping her crush Kashmiris and their resistance movement. We allowed India to isolate them and butcher them at will with America's blessing using Israeli methodology. Pakistan and Kashmiris have been forced to swallow their own sufferings and serious injuries inflicted on them. And we have paid a heavy price only to lose the game ultimately. We must know the' arrangements and plans against Pakistan. If Iran is the next target, can Pakistan with its Islamic Bomb remain far-behind? All men of conscience remember the need felt by Muslims of India for the partition, they do not see the reason for Pakistan government to bend so much to lose its interests, prestige of Pakistan and the future of people of Kashmir.


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