April 2005 News

Pakistan sidelining Kashmir dispute, says Hizbul leader

25 April 2005
The Daily Times

Lahore: The chief of Kashmir's largest militant group accused the Pakistani government on Monday of sidelining the Kashmir dispute with India. Hizbul Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin also said that insurgent groups could hold talks with India over Kashmir, but New Delhi should first declare the territory a 'disputed region.' Salahuddin did not openly reject efforts by Pakistan and India to improve relations, but said Pakistan had 'sidelined' the Kashmir issue while India stood its ground. 'Pakistan seems to have changed its stance on Kashmir while India is still determined on its stance,' Salahuddin told journalists during a visit to Lahore. The militant leader said Pakistan would not benefit from negotiations with India over Kashmir. 'If anyone thinks that any result can come in favour of Pakistan on the negotiating table, they are living in fool's paradise,' he said.


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