May 2005 News

No Plan For Politics, Jihad To Continue: Salahuddin

5 May 2005
Pakistan Observer

Muzaffarabad: The eminent leader of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and freedom fighter of Kashmir Chapter Syed Salahuddin has strongly contradicted the news about his abandoning his Jehad and taking up politics. Addressing a specially held meeting of the Hizb Command, he said that the struggle for Independence of Kashmir has entered its crucial and decisive phase and it is the cry and need of the hour for all the political parties to forget and eschew any differences whatsoever and join in concerted efforts to attain this Independence. He stressed to keep the sacredness and maintain a strong sense of direction for the noble cause, they were struggling for, so that it can be accomplished despite all odds. ' Should we fall prey to our petty and meaningless feuds, we will loose all our goals and achievements we have toiled for with our blood and sacrifices. And all the leadership will be answerable to the nation, Ummah and specifically on the day of Judgement, in front of God Almighty'. He said that adopting politics would mean an end to armed struggle (Jihad) for Independence, which has been the major factor in highlighting the Kashmir Issue on World Forum, bringing it out of cold storage, where it had been discriminately shelved for years. He claimed that only an armed struggle would help play the pivotal and decisive role in Independence of Kashmir. He said that our Central Command is maintaining a sharp and constant vigil on all the diplomatic and political moves regarding the Kashmir issue. He fully applauded the brave and courageous role of Kashmiri freedom fighters who were always in a full state of preparedness and were ready to sacrifice their last drop of blood for the Independence.


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