May 2005 News

Indus Water Treaty A Loss For J&K: Govt

8 May 2005
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Being a loser due to the 1960 Indus Water Treaty, Jammu and Kashmir has demanded compensation from the Centre for the Rs. 1,200 crore recurring losses suffered by the state due to the accord which defines distribution of river waters between India and Pakistan. The state government complains that development of the state, particularly in the field of power, has been hindered since the rights over all the three major rivers - Jhelum, Chenab and Indus - flowing through J&K have been given to Pakistan in the treaty. 'We are suffering a loss worth Rs. 1,200 crore per year because of the treaty,' the state's Power Minister Mohd Sharif Niaz said. He said the Centre should compensate the electricity-starved state for this loss by giving it power from the central projects like those of National Hydro-Power Corporation (NHPC) to meet its requirements. He suggested the Central government hand over the Salal hydro-electric project to the state as compensation. The comments come as a major under-construction power project Baghlihar situated on river Chenab in the state has been embroiled in a controversy after Pakistan raised objection over it, alleging that it had violated the Indus Water Treaty.


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