May 2005 News

India, Pak To Find Solution To J&K Issue: Experts

12 May 2005
The Hindustan Times

Washington DC: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf will find a solution to the Kashmir issue within the parameters they have laid down, three US-based experts on South Asia have hoped. Rafiq Dossani of Stanford University, Robert Hathaway, Director of the Woodrow Wilson Centre, and Michael Krepon, President Emeritus of the Stimson Centre were cautiously optimistic about the resolution of the issue keeping in mind that India has rejected any redrawing of boundaries as a possible solution. The discussion included the conclusions in a book titled 'Prospects for Peace in South Asia,' edited by Dossani and another scholar, Henry Rowen. The Kashmir issue, according to the book, is 'enduringly rooted in national identity, religion and human rights. It has also influenced the politicisation of Pakistan's Army, religious radicalism and nuclearisation in both countries.' The book, while acknowledging the risks, is 'optimistic about peace in South Asia.' The key argument is that many of the domestic concerns, such as territorial integrity in both countries and civilian-military rapprochement in Pakistan, that were fuelling the conflict, have abated. Hathaway said that Musharraf seems to have realised that he cannot create the kind of Pakistan he wants unless he reins in extremism and repairs his relationship with India.


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