May 2005 News

India Fomenting Hatred In Public Hearts Against Mujahideen: Gillani

14 May 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Srinagar: Syed Ali Gillani, Chairman All Parties Hurriyet Conference said Indian security forces are trying to foment hatred in the hearts of Kashmiri people against Mujahideen with their wicked plans. 'No matter what Indian forces will do, Kashmiris know their freedom fighters they cant harm the people of Jammu and Kashmir,' he observed this while addressing a public rally in Kolga on Saturday. Mr Gillani made it clear that people of Kashmir are perceptive of the Kashmir freedom struggle and know that it is Indian think tank which plans plots against Mujahideen and people of Kashmir. He slammed Indian occupation forces for taking revenge from the innocent Kashmiri people for the deeds of Mujahideen. Earlier, on his arrival in Kolgam, Mr Gillani was disallowed entry in the area, as a few hours ago occupation forces had a battle with freedom fighters in which two freedom fighters were martyred. Indian security forces were not handing over the dead bodies to the heirs of the deceased Mujahideen and barring entry to the people into Kolga area. Syed Ali Gillani in his address made it clear that these killings and arrests will not affect Kashmir freedom struggle vowing that Kashmiris will continue their war of freedom until Kashmir is liberated from India. 'We will not hesitate in rendering any kind of sacrifice,' he underlined.


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