May 2005 News

Mirwaiz In US, Wants To Solve Kashmir Issue

17 May 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Washington DC: Senior separatist leader of Jammu and Kashmir Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said India, Pakistan and Hurriyat Conference must show flexibility from their stated positions to solve the Kashmir issue. An approach, he said, will only be successful if it embodies flexibility and understanding among the parties. The official declared positions of Pakistan, India and the Hurriyat conference, he said, are known and currently incompatible, so without the initial abandonment of their declared positions, progress is unlikely. He suggested three-way talks among India, Pakistan and the Hurriyat 'without pursuing a specific solution at this point in time.' Eventually, through continued discussions, agreements will naturally emerge, he told the Stimson Center here during an appearance on May 10. The centre put his views on the web today. If at this stage each party to the triangular talks puts forward particular solutions, he said, it would only threaten the existence of the 'triangular dialogue.' Eventually, through continued discussions, he was confident, agreements will 'naturally arise.' The process of engagement and negotiation, he said, is perhaps more important than any solution right now.


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