May 2005 News

Rocca due to discuss Kashmir

18 May 2005
The Daily Times
Daily Times Monitor

Lahore: Pakistan and the United States will discuss bilateral interests and the prevailing South Asian situation in Islamabad in the last week of this month, official sources told the daily online newspaper Kashmir Monitor. US Assistant Secretary of State Cristina Rocca will lead the US team in formal talks with Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Riaz Khan. According to the online newspaper, Pakistan-India relations will figure prominently in the meeting with special reference to the Kashmir dispute. It said that Rocca would also call on President General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz separately during her stay here. The newspaper said that Rocca would reach Islamabad on May 24 with a team of regional experts and could also discuss local political developments with Pakistan authorities. Sources added that Rocca might meet some opposition leaders and would also meet Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri. Rocca, who deals with the South Asian affairs in the US State Department, will discus the issue of nuclear proliferation against the backdrop of Iran's talks with three European countries about its nuclear programme. Washington had been raising an eyebrow about certain Pakistani individuals' involvement in nuclear technology's proliferation. Rocca is visiting Pakistan for the second time in 50 days and she has been engaged with activities to eliminate terrorism. Rocca is considered to be co-architect of the US fresh approach towards Pakistan in the background of 9-11 events. She has throughout supported Musharraf's policies. Newspaper sources said that Iraq, Afghanistan, new vistas of co-operation between Islamabad and Washington in defence, trade, economy and other fields would also be reviewed in the discussions.


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