May 2005 News

'Musharraf Taking A U-turn On Kashmir'

28 May 2005
The Indian Express

Islamabad: Accusing the Musharraf regime of taking a U-turn on the Kashmir issue at the behest of the US, former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the present government has adopted a 'defeatist attitude' on all strategic matters. 'The rulers had taken U-turn on important matters, including Kashmir, and strategic assets after 9-11 with a claim that everything would be fine in future,' Sharif said on the occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer, the seventh anniversary of Pakistan's nuclear tests. 'But today,' he said, 'everybody can see what is happening. Kashmir issue has been discarded by the government and the symbols of strategic assets like Chaghi Mountain and models of Ghauri and Shaheen missiles have been removed from the places where these were built before 9-11.' Sharif told The Nation that nuclear tests conducted by his government had created balance of power in South Asia but alleged that the present rulers had humiliated the hero of Pakistan's atomic programme, in an obvious reference to nuclear scientist A.Q. khan. He said May 28, 1998 was the symbol of Pakistan's impregnable defence but 'today our sovereignty has become a question mark'. The deposed PM clarified that his party favoured peace in the region but the dignity of nation must not be compromised at any cost.


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