June 2005 News

'Kashmiri Leaders Being Roped In By Pak For Success Of US Plan'

5 June 2005
The Indian Express

Srinagar: Accusing Pakistan of toeing the US line on Kashmir issue, hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani claimed Islamabad was trying to rope in Kashmiri leaders to make the American plan a success. 'Americans have trapped Pakistani leadership and now they want Kashmiri leaders to fall in the same trap,' the Hurriyat hawk, who declined Islamabad's invitation to visit the country, said at a seminar organised by a Shia organisation. 'Actually Pakistan is dancing to America's tune and now some leaders of Kashmir have joined the party,' he said on Saturday adding he would never be a part of any such plan and 'will never bow before the might of India.' Terming the visit of Hurriyat moderates to Pakistan and PoK as a futile exercise, Geelani asked 'How can few people restore peace in Valley by this visit? It is beyond the understanding of a common man.' Opposing the resumpiton of trade links betwen India and Pakistan, Geelani said it will gradually sideline the long standing Kashmir issue. Geelani said talking peace in Pakistan or India won't resolve the Kashmir dispute and demanded withdrawal of troop from the state claiming that this alone could guarantee peace. Geelani said there would be no justification for militancy in the state if New Delhi fulfills these demands. 'If India is sincere and honest in resolving the disputs it should fulfill them,' he added.


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