June 2005 News

'Strong Musharraf' Vital For Kashmir Issue

8 June 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

London: The Chairman for Jammu-Kashmir Democratic Movement, Engineer Syed Noor Hassan Gillani has stressed a solution for Kashmir that mirrors the true aspirations of Kashmiri people. He expressed his august views while speaking at a lunch hosted by a senior leader of Britain Democratic Party, Senator Joseph Haddon, in Luton. He praised the brave and courageous diplomacy and sagacity of President Pervez Musharraf, which has given the first breakthrough in the cold - hot war in the region, and a serious effort for settlement of Kashmir Issue has been initiated. He praised the august leadership of Kashmiri Leadership, and expressed his full support of Kashmiri people in their brave, and continues struggle for independence. He stressed for strengthening the hands of President Musharraf in his endeavors to solve the issue and expressed his firm belief that it will be resolved in Musharraf's tenure.


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