June 2005 News

Mirwaiz Calls For Setting Time-frame On Kashmir

10 June 2005
Pakistan Observer

Karachi: Demanding India to stop human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir forthwith, the All parties Hurriyat Conference (Ansari group) on Friday asked Pakistan and India to set a 'timeframe' for solution of the lingering dispute of Kashmir. 'Kashmiris have been rendering sacrifices for past 57 years, therefore we think a timeframe must be set to resolve the issue', said Mirwaiz Omer Farooq, the leader of the visiting APHC(Ansari group) delegation while addressing a reception hosted by Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul- Ebad in the honour of Hurriyat leaders. Other Hurriyat leaders, Professor Abdul Ghani Bhutt, Maulvi Abbas Ansari, Yaseen Malik, Bilal Lone, Chief Minister Sindh, Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, provincial ministers, Corps Commander Karachi Lt General Syed Athar Ali were also present on the occasion. Mirwaiz Omer Farooq said that the unilateral cease-fire being observed by Pakistan on the Line of Control (LoC) did not benefit the people of Kashmir as over 140 Kashmiris had been killed by the occupational forces in the held valley during last one and a half months. 'We welcome the confidence building measures (CBMs) announced by the two countries. However, these CBMs cannot contribute anything positive unless the miseries of Kashmiris are eased', Mirwaiz said adding 'Kashmiris do not want talks for the sake of talks, but talks for the sake of result. If there is no result, then Kashmiris have no interest in talks'. He thought ' the most important CBM will be to step forward towards the political solution of Kashmir dispute, which will ensure enduring peace in the sub-continent'. 'I want o make it clear here that talks and atrocities cannot go together', Farooq said and added ' We have requested President General Pervez Musharraf to talk to Indian government very clearly on the issue of human rights violations in the held valley'. The Hurriyat leader called upon the Indian government to initiate some serious, and sincere steps in order to show its 'seriousness' in the ongoing peace process. 'Unless, a common Kashmiri feels the relief as a result of ongoing dialogue process, there will be no use of it (talks)', he maintained. He observed that the people and the government of Pakistan had always supported the struggle of the Kashmiris without making it conditional on the territory acceding to this country. He said that his people would not succeed in achieving their objective without the support of the government and the people of Pakistan. He stressed the need for pushing forward the current India-Pakistan dialogue, but said that the Kashmiris should be included in the process as soon as possible. 'We feel that Pakistani government and the political leadership have realised the importance of the inclusion of Kashmiri leadership in the ongoing peace process, and our visit is a testimony to the fact', Farooq said. He said the APHC had always emphasised on the solution of Kashmir issue through talks. But, he added, these talks must be substantial and make the Kashmiris feel that their problems were being resolved. He said the APHC fully supported the ongoing peace process between Pakistan and India, as unless the two countries come closure, the Kashmir dispute would not be resolved. However, he said, if the ongoing talks were aimed at gaining time (by India), there would be no use of the whole exercise. Declaring APHC's support to the approach followed by General Pervez Musharraf and the political leadership of Pakistan for the solution of Kashmir dispute, Farooq said he and his colleagues had been assured by the Pakistani leadership that no solution without the consent of Kashmiri leadership would be accepted. Addressing on the occasion, Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul- Ebad urged the Hurriyat leaders to push forward their just struggle with 'unified voice'. He said the time had come when aggression should be replaced by flexibility. He observed that courage, sincerity and determination were required to resolve any longstanding dispute, and President General Pervez Musharraf possessed all these qualities. He said the Pakistani government had always stood on its principle stand that the core dispute be resolved with the aspiration of Kashmiris. Ebad said although the two countries had initiated various CBMs with a view to reducing tension in the region, however Pakistan was of the view that these CBMs and the Kashmir dispute must be taken up simultaneously. 'We cannot separate the core issue of Kashmir from the CBMs', Ebad maintained. Governor said that General Pervez Musharraf had been pleading the case of occupied Kashmir forcefully and courageously., which, he added, was a source of courage for the people of Kashmir. Later, the Hurriyat leaders offered Friday prayers along with Governor Sindh, and other provincial high ups at the Governor House Mosque.


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