June 2005 News

‘APHC’s retraction from UN resolutions will damage Kashmir freedom struggle’

16 June 2005
The News International

Islamabad: The association of the parents of Kashmiri martyrs has said that absence of Syed Ali Gilani and Shabbir Shah from the APHC Pakistan's visit reduced its importance. Addressing a press conference Thursday fathers, mothers, sisters and children of those who embraced martyrdom in Kashmir asked the APHC leadership to deny the statements attributed to them calling the UN resolutions no more feasible otherwise it would seriously damage the Kashmir freedom struggle and cause. The press conference was addressed by the president of the Lahore chapter of the Association Chaudhry Mukhtar Ahmad, along with secretary Zahid Raza Khan, and a number of other relatives of martyrs including Safdar Chaudhry, Daud Bukhari, Saleem Feroze, Ziauddin, Qazi Abdul Baqi, and Noman Raza Musarrat. They said government did not allow them to meet the visiting APHC leadership and they only had a lucky chance to meet them when they visited the mausoleum of Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas. They said in case the APHC shifted from its principled stance of adhering to the UN resolutions it would only help in serving the Indian interests. They stressed that Jihad was the only way to realise the goal of freedom for Kashmiris, otherwise they would continuously fall further into the Indian trap like the leadership of Pakistan. They said the APHC leaders listened to their talk with patience and assured them that any decision on Kashmir issue would be taken with their consultation since their blood and sacrifice was also there in the foundations of Kashmir which was struggling to liberate itself from the Indian occupation.


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