July 2005 News

Baglihar Tunnel Collapses

6 July 2005
The Indian Express

Jammu: The Baglihar hydro-electric project located at Chanderkote in Doda district suffered another setback on Wednesday when rising waters of the Chenab caused landslides, damaging the diversion tunnel at the dam. This is the second major blow at the dam site, where a 105- meter steel bridge was washed away on Saturday. Officials said that the opening points of the tunnel 2 at the site had been washed away due to landslides and heavy rains, choking the outlet. Sources said with rising water levels, there was also a threat to the second diversion tunnel and a cable crane carrying raw stock to dam site. The 450 mega watt project, which has been the bone of contention between India and Pakistan, has been suffering damages for the last week, with seven of 253 vulnerable structures already sumerged at the dam site. The rising water at Baghilar had also washed away a 105-meter steel bridge and partially submerged two villages in Doda district.


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