July 2005 News

Youths Against Kashmir As Part Of Pakistan

20 July 2005
Agence France-Presse

Muzaffarabad: Supporters of a Kashmiri pro-independence group held a rally yesterday to denounce a 58-year-old resolution calling for the Himalayan region's accession to Pakistan. The demonstration by about 100 members of the National Students Federation (NSF) coincided with a separate public meeting of the ruling Muslim Conference in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani zone of Kashmir, to mark 'Accession to Pakistan Resolution Day.' On July 19, 1947, the Muslim Conference of Kashmir passed a resolution in Srinagar demanding the Muslim majority state accede to Pakistan. 'No India, no Pakistan, we want free Kashmir,' a placard carried by the slogan-chanting marchers read. India and Pakistan should let Kashmiris live as 'an independent and sovereign nation,' NSF president Kashan Masood said. Syed Mumtaz Ali Gillani, acting prime minister of Pakistani Kashmir, defended the resolution at the public meeting, attended by some 2,000 people. 'That was the right decision of the Kashmiri Muslims' sole representative party because the state of Jammu and Kashmir is geographically, religiously and culturally linked to Pakistan,' he told the gathering.


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