July 2005 News

'Terrorists To Shun Guns, Give Peace A Chance'

21 July 2005
The Indian Express

London: A large number of Mujahideens in Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir feel it is time to abandon guns and 'give peace a chance', a new book on terrorism has claimed. Guns in Jammu and Kashmir are going out of fashion. Most national and international players in the conflict appear to believe now that politics is the panacea for all the problems of the erstwhile princely state,' Arif Jamal, an expert on Kashmir affairs, was quoted as saying in the book, The Seeds of Terrorism by Mohamad Amir Rana, a Pakistani journalist. According to him these feelings are much stronger among the militants in Jammu and Kashmir. After Mufti Mohammad Sayeed formed his government 'he has continuously offered incentives to militants to give up their guns. He has also been favouring the release of detainees. Thus, the willingness of the Indian authorities to meet the Pakistan government and the Kashmiri Mujahideen in the middle on these issues seems to be a possibility,' he said in the book which was released here last night. The author Rana, a journalist working with The Friday Times, Lahore, said America's decision to invade Iraq had added significant firepower to the jihadi propagandists.


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