July 2005 News

Sankoo - An Oasis Of Peace

23 July 2005

Kargil: This remote village in Kargil area of Jammu and Kashmir is an oasis of peace where the residents do not even bother to bolt their doors. From a cursory look at any house or shop, mostly made of mud and wood, it is difficult to find a door closed at any time of the day unless in extreme weather conditions. Not a single criminal case has been registered in the village, barely 40 kms from the district town of Kargil, in the past over 50 years, Station House Officer of Drass police station Mohammad Yousuf told PTI. He replied in negative when asked whether any murder case has taken place in the village. Even theft or buglaries have not taken place in the village so far, Yousuf said. He said policing in Kargil was easier than other parts of the state as people here are not given to crime. The situation is similar in two other police stations of Kargil and Zanskar where the crime rate is almost zero. Mohammad Akram, a resident of Sankoo, said even in the emergency cases when a resident has to go out to a far off place nobody is left behind to look after the household. 'They simply put some mud on the latch of the door and go. The neighbours look after the animals of the particular house. One of the main reasons for Sankoo being crime-free is widespread poverty as not many people here own anything more than what is required for fulfilling their day-to-day needs, another resident Asgar Ali said. He said the simplicity with which the people here live has largely been unaffected by the wave of globalisation and the materialistic urges. The people of the village, mostly Shia Muslims, walk miles on foot to fetch eatables and work in fields. Their main source of income is agriculture. They also work as labourers in nearby Kargil.


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