July 2005 News

Journalist's house bombed in Gilgit

24 July 2005
The Daily Times
Daily Times Monitor

Lahore: Two bombs exploded in a house in Gilgit on Sunday night. However, no information was available on the number of casualties. The bombs went off in a journalist's house within the city police station precincts, according to the report. According to residents of the house, unknown individuals entered through the front door and placed three bombs in the house while the occupants were having dinner. The terrorists fled as two of the three bombs went off immediately, whereas the third did not explode, sources said. The police had reportedly started an investigation into the incident. Law enforcement agencies have detained as many as 43 activists of various religious parties for alleged involvement in sectarian violence in Gilgit over the past week. Official sources said the suspects had been arrested during several raids. They said that a wave of violence started last Sunday after a passenger bus was ambushed near Chilas. Five passengers were killed and six were injured in the ambush. Six more were killed in revenge attacks, which left Gilgit paralysed for six days.


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