August 2005 News

'Move Fast On Kashmir'

13 August 2005
The Hindu

London: Acknowledging India's sincerity in resolving the Kashmir problem, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said the process should be expedited to enable him to deal with extremism firmly. 'I see the sincerity of the Indian leadership. But if we can move faster towards a resolution of Kashmir my hands will be stronger to deal with extremism,' Gen. Musharraf said in an interview to Daily Telegraph published on Saturday. 'I have told the Indians we can only control extremists to a degree. But there will be nowhere for the extremists to go once there is a settlement on Kashmir,' he said. Success Answering a question on the success he had achieved in dealing with extremists, Gen. Musharraf admitted that previously his hands were tied, either because of the 10-month-long confrontation with India in 2002 or the last general elections or political insecurities at home and abroad. 'The situation is now far different from what I faced before,' he said. 'Now I am much stronger.' After last month's London bombings, the Pakistan President said 800 militants were arrested and 1,400 foreign students attending 'madrassas' (Islamic schools) in Pakistan were asked to leave the country.


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