August 2005 News

Peace In Kashmir Not A Distant Dream Says Governor Sinha

14 August 2005

Srinagar: The overall situation in the state was improving even though militant violence continued unabated, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Lt. Gen. (retd) S K Sinha said today. 'The overall situation may be improving yet acts of violence continued unabated. In the last seven and a half months, 350 civilians have been killed and 750 injured by militants,' Sinha said. In his message on the eve of Independence Day, Sinha said the people of the state were 'sick and tired' of terrorist violence. 'I feel encouraged by the fact that in twelve different instances the local people have come out against the terrirosts on their own. They have overpowered and killed a terrorist. This holds out hopes for the future,' he added. He also expressed optimism on peace moves between India and Pakistan. 'The peace process has been gaining momentum in both India and Pakistan. The opening of the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road has not only joined broken hearts but has ushered a new era of hope and harmony which should be further strengthened in the coming days when Kargil-Skardu, Poonch-Rawalkote and Jammu-Sialkot roads also get reopened,' the governor said.


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