August 2005 News

Huge Cache Of Arms And Explosives Recovered

25 August 2005

Jammu: A huge cache of arms and explosives, including 29 grenades and five IEDs, have been recovered by security troops from a hideout in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir, defence sources said today. Security forces during a search operation at Bagla Sherpur forests in Peer Badesar area of Rajouri district came across a natural cave type hideout yesterday afternoon, the sources said adding two bags filled with weapons and explosives were recovered from it. The recoveries included two AK rifles with its 382 rounds of ammunition, 41 rounds of universal machine gun, 14 UBGL grenades, 15 chinese hand grenades, five improvised explosive devices and five IED batteries, one kg RDX, 12 detonators and three meter of cordex wire. The hideout was later smashed by the troop, they added.


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