August 2005 News

Arundhati Roy demands withdrawal of Indian army from Kashmir

31 August 2005
The Daily Times

Lahore: The Indian media has failed to highlight the plight of the ordinary Kashmiris who have been subjected to Indian repression in the name of freedom and peace. This was stated by renowned Indian author and Booker Prize winner, Arundhati Roy, on Tuesday as she attended a meeting of academics, social activists, human rights volunteers and students in New Delhi.'Indian media is suffering from schizophrenia as its reports portray zero reflection about the reality in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian media is busy painting a rosy picture of normalcy, which is absolutely false,' she claimed at a meeting that focused on 'Enforced Disappearances in Jammu and Kashmir'. A news report in The Hindu also quoted her as saying that 'Indians have no right to talk about whatever is happening in Palestine and Iraq unless we discuss and highlight the atrocities being committed in the Valley. The issue is not just related to the freedom of Kashmiris, it is a matter of concern for all Indians. What farcical peace are we talking about?' She added 'In the global arena, India is revered for its democracy and Gandhian values, which is nothing but a lie. Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir has surpassed the excesses of Pinochet in Chile. 'Everyday, ordinary Kashmiris are being subjected to humiliation, and we say peace is returning to the Valley. During my recent visit to the State, I found numerous cases of repression, but the Government is not ready to accept it.' The participants of the meeting demanded withdrawal of special powers from the Army and paramilitary forces and appealed to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to call a separate convention on disappeared people.


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