September 2005 News

Kashmir Issue Is Unfinished Agenda Of Pakistan Creation: Ali Gillani

10 September 2005
Pakistan Observer

Lahore: Central President, All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Gillani has said Kashmir is unfinished agenda of Pakistan's creation and in this context, solution be found in the light of UN resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiri people. 'Flexibility on Pakistan's side against its considered stand is due to substantial international pressure. Pakistan showed unprecedented flexibility, which is a violation of its policies, but India did not move an inch from its viewpoint on Kashmir. India never accepted Kashmir as a disputed area, reiterating its old stand, that Kashmir is its an integral part, he added. He was answering questions while addressing a telephonic press conference from India, organized by Punjab Union of Journalist (Dastoor Group) with collaboration of Lahore Press Club here Saturday. Syed Ali Gillani in his address made it clear that killings and arrests of Kashmiris in held Kashmir valley will not affect Kashmiris' freedom struggle vowing that Kashmiris would continue their war of freedom until Kashmir was liberated from India. Regarding the Jihad against Indian occupation of Kashmir, he said there was unanimity of view among Kashmiris. He said, the only resolution to extremely contentious issue of Kashmir was nothing but referendum and if any dialogue occurred on the Kashmir issue then Kashmiri people should be treated as prime party in the dialogue. However, he feared that circumstances were being created to convert the Line of Control (LoC) into a permanent border. He said the Kashmiris would never accept a solution of Kashmir within the framework of the Indian constitution. He also suggested that the people of both Kashmir: Azad Kashmir and held Kashmir should be given opportunity to initiate dialogues under the supervision of UNO to decide their future destiny. Gillani said that President Gen. Musharraf had suggested a number of proposals to Indian government for resolving the issue in peaceful manner but India never paid any heed to them. Talking on the issue of foreign ministers level meeting of Pakistan and Israel, he said Pakistan should not recognize it or start trade with Israel until and unless it withdraws to its borders. In his message to Pakistan government, he said,'in many ways, Pakistan has been helping politically, morally and diplomatically and has fought three major wars with India for Kashmir issue. Kashmir is a core issue of the region and it should be given priority as Kashmiris have rendered unprecedented sacrifices and have been striving for the exercise of their right to self-determination. Pakistan should not leave Kashmiris in isolation and continue its moral and diplomatic support to the aspirations of Kashmiris'.


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