September 2005 News

Manmohan Takes Tough Line On Kashmir

15 September 2005
The Nation

United Nations: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took a tough line on Kashmir at the UN summit on Thursday hours after his talks with President Pervez Musharraf during which the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to 'peaceful settlement' of all outstanding issues. Addressing the UN General Assembly, he responded to President Musharraf's remarks that there was need to 'understand and address the motives' behind terrorist attacks, Mr. Singh asserted that India will never succumb to or compromise with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir or elsewhere. 'We must not yield any space to terrorism. We must firmly reject any notion that there is any cause that justifies it,' he said. Musharraf in his speech hours earlier said that 'We need to understand and address the motives behind the terrorist acts. These may not justify terrorism; but they explain it.' Observing that India has faced cross- border terrorism directed against its unity and territorial integrity, Singh said, 'We shall never succumb to or compromise with terror in Jammu and Kashmir or elsewhere'


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