September 2005 News

Pak ready to shift from resolutions to solve Kashmir issue: Musharraf

16 September 2005
Dharam Shourie

New York: Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf today said his country was ready to shift from its stated position of solving Kashmir issue on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions if India reciprocated. Replying to a question about UNSC resolutions on Kashmir, Musharraf told a press conference here that 'Pakistan is flexible on this to the extent that we are prepared to go beyond them, not unilaterally but bilaterally.' 'If we both (India and Pakistan) were a step away from our stated positions, Pakistan is also prepared to leave its stated position on the UN resolution,' he said, adding that at present, however, Islamabad's position remains as it was. Musharraf said the charges of human rights violation in Kashmir and cross- border terrorism have to be dealt with simultaneously as India and Pakistan move towards conflict resolution. 'We need to be very intelligent and address both simultaneously and not get bogged down in semantics,' he said. 'It should not be ignored that both countries are moving forward towards peace. Both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and he are committed to move forward towards resolution of disputes in a peaceful manner. That resolve has been shown also Wednesday night' at the bilateral meeting, he said. Answering a question, he denied there was a deadlock at his meeting with Singh. 'You are talking of such critical issues bedeviling relations between India and Pakistan, on Kashmir issue over which we have fought wars. These cannot resolved in a day or two when each side has opposite views. ' 'But let me say with full conviction there is commitment to move it forward to a resolution through consensus. That's what we have decided to do. So, it is not at all failure. We will move the pace process forward,' he added. Replying to a question, Musharraf said so far Pakistan and India have been focussing on confidence building. 'Now we are moving forwards to conflict resolution. The purpose of his meeting with Singh, Musharraf said, was not to reach any immediate conclusion. It was continuation of the dialogue. The foreign ministers of two countries are meeting next month in Pakistan and the Indian Prime Minister has accepted his invitation to visit Islamabad, he added but did not give any date. 'Gradually we will develop a consensus on how we need to move this (peace process) forward but I would not like to discuss how we plan to move it forward. However, we are making reasonable progress,' he added. Musharraf denied the Indian side is not showing flexiblity. In this context, he referred to Indian Prime Minister's meeting with Hurriyat leaders and allowing them to go to Pakistan to meet him. 'Don't you see this is good progress,' he told a correspondent.


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