September 2005 News

Mufti Saeed Denies Official Invitation To Visit Pakistan

19 September 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Manasabal: Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mohammad Saeed on Sunday informed that he had not received any official invitation to visit Islamabad as earlier reported by some dailies. It would be premature to comment on such reports, he told reporters here when asked about the reported invitation to him to visit Pakistan. 'Like you, my source of information is newspaper reports,' the Chief Minister said . On reports about President Pervez Musharraf's desire to talk to mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, he said 'this is a good development' . The Chief Minister said the issue of inviting mainstream politicians to Pakistan might have come up at the recent meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Musharraf in New York. But he did not really know the exact picture, he said . Singh and Musharraf had developed good chemistry and the two leaders were serious to take forward the ongoing peace process, Saeed added . He welcomed greater interaction of people on both sides saying it would further improve the situation.


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